10 Steps to Unpacking Lateral Violence


This informative, engaging, and thought-provoking seminar brings our collective Canadian history to life, illustrating for participants how that history manifests in modern day, in our conversations and in every day situations and how we may be unknowingly continuing that dark legacy.

Topics addressed include:

  • Determining Who Indigenous People are and What They Deserve
  • What is Respect to You?
  • What is Lateral Violence to You?
  • History in Three Cartoons
  • History and the Medicine Wheel
  • Discrimination and Oppression and the Blanket of Shame
  • The Poison/The Indigenous Cold
  • Unpacking the Suitcase
  • My Oppression – A Quiz
  • Understanding and Building Culture
  • HAAPPS and the HAAPPS Action Plan


*Formerly “Do You Have a Degree in Lateral Violence?”

Available as a full day or a two-day session.


Available As

Full Day

Half Day

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Sandi Boucher has spoken at regional and national events and is passionate about helping empower our community.

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