Hungover …


I am awake, I am alive but this morning … I am savouring a lazy morning hangover.

And no, not the “Oh gawd, kill me now!” type. Not the “Why do I do this to myself?” type. Not the “Get me an aspirin, STAT!” type.

I am referring to the “Hmmmm this bed is so toasty and comfy” type, the “Hmmmm this coffee tastes divine” type, the “My boxers and top clash and I don’t care!” type.

This is the slow fog of the rested, the content, the happy. The fog of the alone, with no one’s voice within ear shot to rush this fog away and that … simply works for me.

The coffee will kick in. Although I have committed to NOT working this weekend, I know I will do this or that around the house. I know I will accomplish something today but its more likely to be watching that movie I back-burned for a month or taking a nap than anything career related.

After all, I work the next two weekends so this weekend, I simply don’t.

This weekend I sip coffee, I read, I may write, I may stare at a wall for all I know and that is probably one of the last decisions I will make until Monday morning, which of course begs the question …

What are you doing this weekend my friend? It is a choice remember. If you have committed to assisting a friend, you CHOSE to, so enjoy the time. Enjoy raising the child you chose to have. Enjoy working the shift at the job you chose to take.

Today if nothing else, let’s own our choices. After all, it’s easier to celebrate them that way.

I love you my friend,
Enjoy this day, in whatever way you choose.



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