Three Wishes…


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I find myself wishing I had a magic wand …

I would wave that wand and for a time, those that are always so vocal (including me) would be rendered silent. All those who think they know, who think they understand, who feel the need time and time again to prove how much they know … they would be silent. And maybe, just maybe, as a result of my spell and this enforced silence, they would learn just how much they don’t know.

Because you see, with no words they would truly be able to listen, to sit with another or in a circle and truly hear, not to respond and confirm but just to nod and understand.

That would be my first wish.

And then, I would wave the wand again, giving voice and courage and hope to those who normally sit silent in their pain. Youth and elders, women and men would find the words to share their pain even if the words are, “There are no words that can describe this pain”. They would share how long they have been suffering and what actions inflict pain. And if they know, they would tell us how we can help.

And for the first time, no one would argue (the arguers are still silent, after all). No one would tell them there is no racism, or that they should get over it, or that the person who hurt them “would never do something like that”. There words would stand, as true as when they were first uttered, heard for the very first time.

That would be my second wish.

And then, I would wave the wand one last time – and wish courage and bravery and resources on all who dare to take action, not on their own ideas, but on what was declared needed by those in pain. I would wish that they be gifted whatever they need to make those plans a reality.

That would be my third wish.

And then, with the wand rendered useless, it’s three wishes used up, I would set it down and from the heart, I would make one more wish …

That all the people realize that we have always had the power to do this, to sit quiet or to speak, that we don’t need a magic wand to finally let go of the microphone and let someone else speak.

Food for thought.


I love you my friend.


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