Today I Appreciate …


I am awake, I am alive, and today … I appreciate.

No event today. Just comfy clothes, hair up in a pony tail, paperwork and laughter in my “2nd sanctuary”. In the office today, I will catch up on my desk, on emails that couldn’t be handled from elsewhere and return calls that need returning. Today, I will put my “work house” in order, in preparation for next week’s trip … and I couldn’t be happier to do it.

I guess in my mind, I view days like today as almost a debriefing, a chance to share with my assistant how amazing the week was, how beautiful the people were and what I would like to improve for next time.

Kinda like I do with my life every single day.

So today, let me say publicly that this has been an amazing life, taking me from the darkest, scariest, most out-of-control helpless kinda days to days of choice, of responsibility, of commitment, of joy. I wouldn’t change a thing about this insane ride but I pray there is lots more to go.

And the people – oh my Gawd the people! The people I have had a chance to love and those who have tried my patience. Those who have challenged me to be better and those who’s path I no longer walk beside. All were needed. All are appreciated.

Yet, still there are things I need to improve, things I KNOW I can do better, areas in which I am not yet at my full potential and those things are simply some of the many reasons I look forward to each new day.

Because today I can make a difference, in the lives of those I meet AND in my life. Today, I can do better. Today, I can BE better and why not?

The trip isn’t over yet, after all. Might as well pack for a great next lap.

Here’s to you my friend. Let us both be all we can be today. Let’s be the BEST we can be, to ourselves and others simply cuz we can!



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