The Art of Observation & Laughing Emojis


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so very thankful … for the art of observation.

I see now how I have always been an observing soul – observing how the adults interacted when I was just a child, how some in the world treated Dad (French) different than they treated Mom (Anishinaabe), how there seemed to be different rules/expectations for boys and girls and how most didn’t even think of the possibility of breaking a rule or two.

As a teenager, I observed how some of my friends wanted to travel and fly while others, almost without thought, simply wanted the life their parents lead and I noticed how the older I got, the more my body parts were noticed and the less my thoughts and brain were.

I observed and still do, not from judgement but from pure curiosity.

“Interesting. Why would they do that?”

And today it continues …

This morning I observed that my bed is one of the most comfiest places on the PLANET! I observed that it has been ages since the sun woke before me and I observed/remembered something I have known for years – I cannot do my life when I am tired.

I can do it, but half ass. I can do an event but have no patience or time for debate. I can work and get things done but I frustrate much more easily and always just in the background, the threat of tears.

But even exhausted, the observation continues and of late I have observed a troubling online reality (one beautifully confirmed by a follower friend just yesterday).

That reality … that online, lateral violence looks like – a laughing emoji. That online passive aggressive behaviour looks like – a laughing emoji. And when it comes from one of your own, internalized oppression looks like – a laughing emoji.

It happens far more often that it should. Someone shares an opinion, tries to help, or worse shares a vulnerable truth. Most will “like” or “love”. Many will comment encouraging the bravery and authenticity of the post but then – the laughing emoji.

The poster does not dare disagree with their name attached to word, they do not stand in their truth. They do not go to their wall and share with the same bravery or authenticity. They do not get in the arena.

They just post that damn laughing emoji.

Now don’t get me wrong. Feel free to disagree with my opinion or the opinion of another. Disagreement and discussion often lead to understanding.

Just don’t ridicule it.

Dare to speak your own truth but don’t try to silence mine or theirs.

And I get it. I so get it. It’s easier to post an emoji then to dare to share an opinion, to dare to be judged for your words as you are judging another. It is scary to get into the arena.

But let me be crystal clear, we do see you and we know what your laughing face emoticon is truly telling us. And honey, it’s talking about you, not the author of the original post.

Yesterday, a follower friend pointed out that what I share must be making an impact as I now attract the “laughing trolls”. I had never heard the term before. It is fitting.

So this is me, continuing to observe, continuing to encourage discussion and thought, continuing to block/delete those with balls so tiny all they can do is post a laughing emoji.

Excuse the rudeness. Simply put, some people just don’t belong in my world. But I LOVE that you are here.



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