Frustrated Yet?


Often I wonder what my readers think of my daily blog post and often, I feel their reaction is different based on whether or not the reader is Indigenous.

You see, some days I am most definitely speaking to our allies as I write, the non-indigenous men and women here to learn, here to grow, here to do what they can to repair the damage this country was built on.

But other days, I am encouraging the indigenous, especially the Kwe. I am encouraging them to heal, to expand their horizons, to believe in their futures, to use their voices.

And because I alternate between two different audiences, someday the message may not be for you …. and that my friend, is reconciliation.

Because there ARE two sides to this journey, and both sides must be tended. We must both learn that we can actually learn from each other, that we mustn’t be so quick to discard “what wasn’t meant for us”.

After all, if indigenous children were able (and continue to be able) to learn in educational institutions designed to educate non-indigenous children, well, then I think we can all learn from these posts, no matter who they are directed at.


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