The Journey Continues

I smile as I realize just how often I end a blog post or an email to my list with the words “the journey continues”. I use the phrase to remind myself (and hopefully, my readers) that this is a journey, that no one blog post or “aha” moment is going to change things, that reconciliation will be a million conversations and thousands and thousands of questions.

But not the same conversations and not the same questions. And that is what I want to focus on today.

Think of a newborn. As soon as they are able, they begin making their way through life on all fours, crawling. Soon, they learn that walking can be much faster (and allows for greater vision of what is coming next). And then they discover RUNNING and the rest is history.

So too must be your journey with reconciliation. Staying “comfortable” is not an option for our allies, as this journey has never been “comfortable” for the indigenous. As your understanding grows, so too must your efforts. Whereas, in the beginning, you may have attended a meeting, now you must speak up. In the past, when a questionable comment troubled you, you now must call it out and on and on.

Because there is no progress if we stay in one place.

So, this is me, encouraging us ALL to move forward. Indigenous, find your voice and use it. Not to condemn people but rather, to call out problematic phrasing, thought processes, prejudices, and the like. Allies, use your voice to ensure indigenous are ALWAYS in the room, especially if we are a topic of discussion.

The journey truly does continue. I just pray that you are not still safely at the starting line.
I love you!

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