Small Group Events

As of June 12th, 2020, Ontario is going into Phase 2 of our re-opening plan. As I result, I will once again be able to do events with small groups of no more than 9 people (I would be number 10).

BUT you no doubt have concerns about how safe this option is and that is what these changes are all about.

Here are the steps I have taken to ensure your safety, divided into two groups – the risk I pose as a facilitator in your community or office setting and the risk the event itself poses (and the steps I have taken to mitigate those risks) …


Risk Presented by Faciliatator

1) I live alone. I have no partner and I have been self isolating and social distancing since March 14th, meaning I present no risk at the present time.

2) Since March 14th, I have been in the same room with a grand total of 6 people and never all together.  In June, I began social distancing visits with close friends but only with those that are taking this as seriously as I am.

3) Whenever possible, I will be DRIVING to events (as opposed to potential exposure at an airport and in turn, passing that exposure on to you). Even though this means more of my time is involved in each event, your safety and my own are worth it.

4) I will not be entertaining or taking any bookings within high risk areas (ie areas with high numbers of active Covid-19 cases).

5) I will be self-isolating for FOURTEEN DAYS after each event to ensure that you are not at any increased risk due to my work/travel. (You will be informed of when and where my last event was at the time of booking to ensure that you feel safe.)


Risk Presented by Event

To ensure your safety, changes have been made to how seminars (including these small group events) will be conducted.  Changes are as follows:

1) As sad as this makes me, there will be no “Hugging Circles” at any events. In fact, there will be no physical contact whatsoever.

2) There will be no sharing or passing of materials.

3) It is expected that the room for the small group event will be big enough to provide for safe social distancing. I would suggest no more than ONE PERSON per usual workshop table (where two or three normally sit). The good news – LOTS OF ROOM to spread out your materials.

4) Disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, or both will be provided on site for each participant to use as they see fit.

5) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a participant with a cold (running nose, cough, fever, etc) be permitted to take part in the event. This must be agreed to at time of booking and adhered to on the day of the event or the event will be cancelled. NO REFUND will be issued for violation of this agreement.



Printing of Seminar Packages

Seminar packages can be prepared ahead of time in my office. Because this means taking extra steps to minimize exposure (fewest amount of people touching them as possible), there will now be a $100 per event printing fee for seminar packages.

However, communities/agencies may now choose to print the packages themselves, ensuring they are only touched by someone already in your area. Handouts will be provided electronically at no charge if you choose this option.


Many communities or agencies have groups larger than nine people that are interested in training. To adhere to the 10 person max rule while ensuring everyone has the opportunity to take training, I have implemented the following options:

Option 1:

A member of your staff can VIDEO TAPE the seminar. In that way, nine people can attend the LIVE small group event with the other members of your group taking the training via video. Equipment and distribution will be up to you, along with the assignment of the person responsible for taping. This option is available at a cost of $200 per event.

Option 2:

If you would like, the video tape of the seminar, recorded by your group member, can be professionally mastered by me and copied onto USB for distribution to your staff. This means that headings and such will be added into the video and all will be organized in a neat file on the USB. The file will include an instruction sheet, the mastered video file, and any exercise sheets that were distributed. There is a $400 cost for this option which includes the cost of one USB for each staff person. The mastered USB’s will be mailed out to you within 14 days after your event finishes.

Option 3:

You may prefer simply to divide your staff into smaller groups and have the training provided over several days to a max of 9 people per day. My standard per day seminar change of $1500 will apply as always but additional days will be billed at $600 per. Additional expenses (ie. hotel) will also be charged.

EXAMPLE: Let’s imagine you have a staff of 27 people. You can choose to have your seminar run over three days (9 people per day). Normally, three days of seminar would cost you $4500 but with this special Covid pricing, you would pay $2,700 + expenses (including additional nights at the hotel).

Option 4:

You can choose to the training via Video Seminar instead. As with Option 2, this option includes instruction videos (recorded and mastered by me in this case), instruction sheets and handouts, all saved to USB’s for distribution to your staff. There is a $1500 charge for this option (max 25 USB’s).


And there you have it my friends. I would LOVE to once again assist you with the valuable work you provide but safety first.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, do not hesitate to email me using the handy dandy form on this page for your convenience.

Until we meet again, be safe.


How it all began

Sandi started her career in middle management, dedicating herself to indigenous employment and training, helping the men and women she served to find new jobs, go back to school, or even to start their own business.

But after 25 years, she noticed nothing had changed – indigenous communities were not more affluent nor were indigenous individuals enjoying higher rates of financial stability. Something was wrong and Sandi became determined to find out what that was. Research, interviews, and first-hand experience quickly highlighted one troubling fact – the men and women she served did not believe they could be successful.

They were in their own way and that had to change.

Sandi began her speaking career in 2009, as a support to the employment and training agencies she holds dear. Now more than a decade later, Sandi continues to use conversational English, stories, humour, metaphors, and personal examples to empower men and women across Canada.

Whether it is in seminar, via video, or in a heartwarming and thought-provoking blog post, Sandi consistently encourages her participants to develop a strong sense of SELF while educating them on the reality of the world around them. And through it all she is a shining example, for she is a woman who has personally climbed out of a world of poverty and violence into one where happiness and success are the norm and she wants nothing less for YOU!

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