Sandi Boucher - Tea Talks

Anishinaabe Grandmothers do not “coach” or “mentor” or “advise”.  They may in fact do all those things, but they do it over tea.  As you sit together and sip, stories are shared, hardships acknowledged, and wisdom discovered.

If you would benefit from “having tea” via phone or online, send Sandi a message.

She would LOVE to do tea with you (and of course, return visits for tea are completely up to you).

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How it all began

Sandi started her career in middle management, dedicating herself to indigenous employment and training, helping the men and women she served to find new jobs, go back to school, or even to start their own business.

But after 25 years, she noticed nothing had changed – indigenous communities were not more affluent nor were indigenous individuals enjoying higher rates of financial stability. Something was wrong and Sandi became determined to find out what that was. Research, interviews, and first-hand experience quickly highlighted one troubling fact – the men and women she served did not believe they could be successful.

They were in their own way and that had to change.

Sandi began her speaking career in 2009, as a support to the employment and training agencies she holds dear. Now more than a decade later, Sandi continues to use conversational English, stories, humour, metaphors, and personal examples to empower men and women across Canada.

Whether it is in seminar, via video, or in a heartwarming and thought-provoking blog post, Sandi consistently encourages her participants to develop a strong sense of SELF while educating them on the reality of the world around them. And through it all she is a shining example, for she is a woman who has personally climbed out of a world of poverty and violence into one where happiness and success are the norm and she wants nothing less for YOU!

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