"Through Indigenous Eyes" ...

Imagine a supported reconciliation journey that not only offered you valuable information but also offers you the chance to hear from the Indigenous perspective, to see the world through Indigenous eyes, to experience Canada and the challenges cross-cultural relationships present from the INDIGENOUS perspective. Imagine text to read, videos to watch, courses to take, and downloadable PDFs to further support your journey.

THAT is what you will experience with Sandi‚Äôs All-Inclusive Membership or what we like to call “TIE” (short for “Through Indigenous Eyes” Reconciliation Program), a rare training opportunity created and presented through Indigenous eyes.

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A Personal Note ...

Here is a personal note from Sandi herself, explaining why she created the TIE Program:

“So many want to understand. They want to get to know us better so they seek to learn our ceremonies, but that won’t bring us together! Instead, walk with me through blog posts and videos, through courses and handouts. Learn how I see the world, hear the powerful Anishinaabe teachings I live by, learn facts and missing information, learn how to be a great ally while learning what it’s like to be Indigenous in Canada … through my eyes. This is so much more than a membership program. This is reconciliation preparation – authentic, real, thought-provoking and life-changing. Join me.”

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Unsure about what reconciliation even means?
Wondering where “the line is” when it comes to cultural appropriation?
Do you have an ‘Indian in the Cupboard” on staff?

Truth be told, reconciliation is an ever-evolving process. As a result, so is the TIE program. New seminars and workshops are constantly being developed, offerings that are automatically added to the program, ensuring Members always have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information.

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