A note from Sandi ...

I believe that we have everything we need inside us and as the Elders say, once we learn to trust our instincts, nothing can stop us.  We must take the time to slow our minds, to learn from the lessons around us, to hear our instincts as they guide us to achieving all we have ever hoped for. Happiness is just a moment away.

I am a strong Ojibwe woman who is living proof of the strength and survival power of the human spirit. I lost the man who meant the world to me, my Father, at the tender age of 17.  At 20, I lost my newborn daughter to SIDS.  I lost one of my best friends to a brain aneurysm and then I said goodbye to my mentor and guide, my Mother.  I have spent more nights than I care to count in a shelter for abused women and know what it’s like to close your eyes and HONESTLY believe you will never see your children again.  I know poverty, the type of poverty that has you boiling water to bathe and eating once every 3 days because there simply is no other option.  I have sold furniture for food and I have debated whether this life was truly worth continuing.

But I also know the beauty of a child’s love and the serenity that can be found in knowing with all your heart that you are going to be just fine.  I know the strength that can be found in counting your blessings and in forgiving yourself.  I know the strength of my belief system and the healing power of laughter and I know how simply amazing and wonderful this life can be, right now, not in some distant future, for I live it every single day.


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