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I am nothing like the woman I once was … but I needed her tears and pains to get here.

No matter the intent, the subject matter, or the location; if it’s a bunch of white people teaching Indigenous youth, it’s assimilation.  It literally cannot be anything else!

To move forward, sometimes you have to return to where you were, to pick up what you forgot.

We must remember who we were before “the schools” or the teachings of the schools will continue to resonate in our lives and communities.

Your value was gifted to you on the day you were born.  No one can take that away, unless you give them the power to.

Few things scare the ones who truly realize the depth of what they have survived.

Before the comment, consider the person on the other side of your words.

When a procedural rule prevents progress or resolution, the rule is the problem!

On this day and going forward, please remember that inclusivity and reconciliation are so much more than a logo on a website … or the side of a train.

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