Personal Power Principles

Commit to levelling up in some way every year.  Don’t just get older.

You are not here to prove yourself to anyone else.  You are here to live up to who you truly are.

Remember – you are more experienced now than ever before.  Act like it.

Everything you need is inside you but like a seed, your wisdom needs to be nurtured and fed.  Feed it and it will grow, along with your confidence.

Teach others how to treat you.  If you want them to be kind to you, be kind to you.  If you want them to respect you, respect you.  Show them how.

Learn from mistakes.  Practice praxis constantly and consistently (reflection and action).

Another’s opinion, past or present, is just that.  It does not in anyway diminish your value.

Acknowledge and feed your needs.  If you need kindness, be kind to you.  If you need love, love yourself.  Learn to feed your need without dependence on or expectation of another.

Be your best self, always.  If you fail, do the next task, conversation or day better.

Your value was gifted to you on the day you were born.  No one can take it unless YOU give them the power to.

Give others time to get use to you.  They have never met anyone like you before.  Give them time to adjust.

Celebrate every single success, by yourself for yourself.  High five the air.  Scream with glee.  You earned the applause so learn to give it to yourself freely.

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