Thoughts to consider

When a rule prevents progress or resolution, the rule is the problem!

I am nothing like the woman I once was … but I needed her tears and pains to get here.

We are forever limited by the barriers we choose to defend.

Few things scare the men and women who truly realize the depth of what they have survived.

Consider this time a mere bridge, taking you from who you were to who you wish to be.

To move forward, sometimes you have to return to where you were, to pick up what you forgot.

If Creator had meant us to do it all alone, he wouldn’t have given us the ability to communicate.

Alone in the silence, our happiness is dependent on loving the company.

Focus on what you CAN DO.  It will keep you from becoming overwhelmed by what you can’t.

Your value was gifted to you on the day you were born.  No one can take that away, unless you give them the power to.

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