Sandi is a a powerful and gifted inspirational speaker, but she realized quickly that not all have access to her training. Further, so many of her participants need more than one course on one occasion. She realized they need to be able to come back to the material she shares, as often as they need, if positive change is truly going to happen.

Online courses at a price anyone can afford was the answer so Sandi got to work and launched the first of MANY seminars to come.

First, “A Course That Can Change Everything” based on her incredibly successful full day seminar “A Day That Can Change Everything”. This seminar will change how you view your past, present, and future to ensure all you see are tools and opportunities rather than hardships and challenges. This is a GREAT place to start your empowerment journey.

Then came “Personalities 101” one of Sandi’s most engaging seminars! Learn why some people just drive you NUTS as you learn about the four base personality types. And don’t worry about having to remember a ton of information. The four personalities are going on a ROAD TRIP together and where they sit will help you to remember ALL about them!

Come back as often as you need.
Go though the courses as slow or as fast as you see fit.

As always it is YOU in the driver’s seat!

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