First came the BOOK …

“The PATH” is Sandi’s latest book, an offering that outlines the personal and often challenging path that Canadians must take to bring this country together.

Written in the same conversational style as Sandi’s first two books, The PATH reminds us that reconciliation is personal, while showing us just how to reach the future we are all hoping for.  Pre-Order Sale on Now!



And now the full day SEMINAR …

  • What is reconciliation to YOU?
  • National, personal, or both?
  • Two Row Wampum, The Learning Curve, & The PATH
  • Accepted Truths
  • The Wall Metaphor
  • The Medicine Wheel as a Template
  • The FOUR Essential Tools
  • The Goals
  • The Path (and its FOUR Essential Stages)
  • And so much more!


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