First came the BOOK …


“The PATH” is Sandi’s latest book, an offering that outlines the personal and often challenging path that Canadians must take to bring this country together.

Written in the same conversational style as Sandi’s first two books, The PATH reminds us that reconciliation is personal, while showing us just how to reach the future we are all hoping for.

Walk with Sandi through FOUR DISTINCT STAGES for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  Acquire the FOUR ESSENTIAL TOOLS needed to be successful in this time of great change!

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And then came the



Reconciliation?  Resurgence?  Assimilation?

For most these terms are unfamiliar and often uncomfortable.  Canadian history is just as confusing so where does this leave us?

The PATH is the way out of the confusion, to and through reconciliation.  Using conversational English, cartoons, and a highly interactive agenda, The PATH has participants understanding these issues often for the very first time.

During this session, participants learn the four essential “stages” of The PATH (and where they presently stand) and the four essential TOOLS required to move forward.  Participants have numerous opportunities to ask questions, to share experiences, and to learn from each other.

Never boring, this seminar is taught in a safe environment, as participants learn how to “walk softly” in the company of others.  Described as “thought-provoking” and “life-changing” everyone can benefit from this session.

Humorous at times, informative always, “The PATH” Seminar is designed to spark conversation.  Participants get to laugh and learn from each other in a safe environment that allows them to admit to their confusion and even, their frustration.

Learn what brought us to this place, and even more, learn how to get to a future TOGETHER.


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