Women’s Leadership Fire (Indigenous)

Learn to raise your voice, guided by a Kwe who has successfully raised hers. Learn the traits of a true leader, where they are found, and what steps YOU can take to build your leadership abilities. After all, it is time, time for the Kwe to be heard once more! It is time for YOU to be heard.

With permission, I share the following comment received from a participant of my brand new Women’s Leadership Fire. THIS is the magic that I pray happens after I leave. LOVE receiving these messages because THIS is why I do what I do!
Hello Sandi! I wanted to reach out and say your workshops have had a very profound effect on myself and my family. I brought my son to listen to your presentation in Sioux Lookout the other week. We have been talking together to address our family issues surrounding empowerment and the things we can do together to have a healthier family.. It was a big pill to swallow to give him the space to be empowered and give myself the safe space to be vulnerable. but if he wasn’t there to hear these things i don’t think we would have had the conversation afterwards at home. I am working on myself to be a better person and in turn, raise healthier children and break the cycle. Hoping one day my children will be raising my healthy grandchildren. I hope you have great holidays!

I so love my life!

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