Indigenous Seminars

The healing starts in the hands of our women” – so the Elders say.  It is up to us to rise up, to use our voices, to speak our truths, to “teach others how to treat us” as my Mother would say. Let me show you how I found my voice, after the violence, after the poverty.  Let me help you.  Our partners, our families, our children, our communities and our future depends on it.

Mainstream Seminars

Mainstream society is just beginning to embrace and value the time-tested teachings of the original peoples, especially in the area of resilience, personal power, culture, and resistance. Many are interested in learning more about her world view, about her teachings, and about how she and so many others have managed to maintain who they are at the core in spite of incredible odds.

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Learn where you are and how to advance towards reconciliation through the 4 distinct PATH stages using the 4 essential tools we ALL need to carry! Perfect for teachers, counselors, leadership, activists or ANYONE who wishes to DANCE ON THE WALLS THAT DIVIDE US! A safe, respectful environment for Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike.

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Featured Seminars

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