The settlers brought their ways with them, replacing traditional indigenous customs, practices and beliefs but not so with the services Sandi offers.
  • Sandi’s seminars use traditional teaching styles focused on empowerment.
  • Sandi’s personal coaching is in the comforting style of our  elders, learned through practice not certification.  And she specializes in helping Indigenous men and women break free of the internalized oppression we all experience, that “hum” in the background of everyday whispering to us that we cannot succeed.  The hum is WRONG and Sandi’s success is living proof!  Let her teach you how she broke free!
  • ALL of Sandi’s offerings are shared in conversational English (no fancy $15 words) making the teachings easy for all to hear and understand.
  • And ALL seminars are divided into categories making it EASY for you to find what you need!  Whether you need to heal, to unpack all the b.s. that has been handed to us, or you are ready to grow, Sandi has what you need!

It is time.  Time for indigenous pride.
Time for us to seek not approval but self determination.



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