Healing, Unpacking, Growing Seminars

It is time to look at what we were taught, what other people are trying to tell us about who we are, what we should be doing, and where we should be going.  It is time to heal.  It is time to grow.

WE have always had our visions and our ways.  It is time to remember and enact them once again.  A’ho.

Video: Community

Q&A with Sandi Boucher!

Your questions, Sandi’s answers as she shares how she left behind poverty, violence, and familial addictions to become an award-winning speaker, author, activist and mentor.

Building My Lodge …

This 2.5 day seminar  brings information, tools, enlightenment and FUN into the lives of those who want more than the lateral violence, criticism, back-stabbing and low self esteem that is rampant in our communities.

Our Future …

If we don’t take the time to unpack, we carry everything we have been handed. And then we hand it to our kids.

Decolonizing as a Strategic Plan

The word “reconciliation” gets tossed around in boardrooms and coffee shops with no one really understanding what that involves. Indigenous and non-Indigenous are equally as confused but it might not be so confusing at all.


An action plan, to get us all free of the past and moving steadily towards the bright future we deserve!

Personalities 101

If you truly want to believe in YOU, then this is the seminar for you!


The Indigenous spirit remains UNCONQUERED. It is time to celebrate that!

Not Their World

“Not Their World” is about learning and understanding the past, while building a future designed by the youth themselves.

Do You Have a Degree in Violence?

Do you have a degree in violence? If you are an Indigenous person in Canada, chances are you do!

Walk Softly on Mother Earth

It’s more than learning how to talk.  It’s a dance and even before the music starts, you must understand how to walk softly on Mother Earth.

Breaking the Chain

“Breaking the Chain” is about acknowledging the past while building a future.

A Day That Can Change Everything!

Everyone struggles with self esteem issues and they are the people this seminar was designed to assist.

Your Personal Responsibility for a Healthy Community

THIS seminar gives you back that power. It teaches you how to stop pointing fingers and instead, how to become part of the solution.

Shredding the Blanket of Shame

One of Sandi’s NEWEST seminars, this seminar involves self-reflection, self-acceptance while encouraging self-improvement.

Entrepreneurship 101

Learn THE biggest challenge for an entrepreneur and why they should consider becoming one.


For youth by youth
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