Silencing the Hum ...

There is no reconciliation without Indigenous empowerment but in this country, Indigenous people hear a “hum”, a constant message telling them they can’t succeed, that nothing will ever change.

Sandi’s seminars are designed to SILENCE THE HUM!

Video: Silencing the Hum

Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training Program

Three full days of information, understanding, clarification, and support.


Reconciliation – a great plan or a dirty word? So many are confused, so many are offended.  What IS reconciliation anyways?  Is it even possible?

Your Voice Matters!

Learn proven tips and tricks that will enable you to SPEAK UP for yourself, your friends, or you community (in a 1 or 2 day format).

Q&A with Sandi Boucher!

Sandi answers your questions as she shares how she left behind poverty, violence, and familial addictions to become an award-winning speaker, author, activist and mentor.

Building My Lodge …

This seminar  brings information, tools, enlightenment and FUN into the lives of those who want more than lateral violence, criticism, and low self-esteem.

Our Future …

If we don’t take the time to unpack, we carry everything we have been handed. And then we hand it to our kids.

Decolonizing as a Strategic Plan

Participants are surprised to learn just how easy decolonizing can be. It all depends “how you look at it”.

Personalities 101

If you truly want to believe in YOU, then this is the seminar for you!


The Indigenous spirit remains UNCONQUERED. It is time to celebrate that!

Not Their World

“Not Their World” is about learning and understanding the past, while building a future designed by the youth themselves.

10 Steps to Unpacking Lateral Violence

The state of our communities should not be a surprise to anyone. We are doing much better than we think! Find out how and why!

Cultural Sensitivity & Communication Training

It’s a dance and even before the music starts, you must understand how to walk softly.

Breaking the Chain

“Breaking the Chain” is about acknowledging the past while building a future.

A Day That Can Change Everything!

Sandi’s first and one of her most powerful seminars. Click to see video explaining back story.

Your Personal Responsibility for a Healthy Community

THIS seminar gives you back that power. It teaches you how to stop pointing fingers and instead, how to become part of the solution.

Shredding the Blanket of Shame

One of Sandi’s NEWEST seminars, this seminar involves self-reflection, self-acceptance while encouraging self-improvement.

Entrepreneurship 101

Learn THE biggest challenge for an entrepreneur and why they should consider becoming one.

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