Throwing Rocks

I am awake, I am alive, and today … I get to throw rocks.

One little conversational rock, to cause a ripple in the way that my participants have thought about history, Indigenous people, or themselves up until now. Then another little rock, to cause a wave in how they perceive the present world around them. And then another, to overturn the idea that there is nothing they can do about our current reality.

Yes, today I set out (as always) to get people thinking, to get participants looking at other people, circumstances, and situations in a new, empowering way.

Today, I set out to make a difference because I know that once new possibilities are planted in a mind, they magically make room for even more ideas and possibilities. Soon the frustrated and disempowered aren’t spending their days complaining because they are too busy devising solutions and encouraging hope in others as one rock, one little wave, spreads out to reach many.


So today, I dare to throw a rock, to disturb the “norm” because the normal in this city is far from acceptable for far too many. But with a little understanding, a few laughs, and a conversational rock or two, that can change. I have seen it happen before. Today, it happens again.

Creator, thanks for the opportunity and the rocks.

And while I am busy enlightening and inspiring minds, I pray you are doing same my friend. After all, wisdom unshared is destined to die with us, without ever having done any good at all so please, don’t let your wisdom die. Not now, not ever.

I love you!


***This is an excerpt from Sandi’s most recent book, “I am Awake …”. available for purchase on her website or on Amazon.ca.***