What Do You Get To Do Today?

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am reminded that today there is nothing I have to do, yet a whole lot of things I get to do …

Today, I get to workout – to crank my fav tunes, to feel STRONG as I push weights, to feel YOUNG as I run on the treadmill, to feel DETERMINATION as I move through the circuit, to feel PRIDE as I finish honouring my body.

Today, I get to reflect on the amazing participants I shared my day with yesterday, a reminder that willingness is a key ingredient to any progress. After all, nothing changes unless we are willing to listen, willing to learn, willing to consider, willing to try and maybe even, willing to change. And change doesn’t mean losing. In fact, it often results in the exact opposite.

Today, I get to plan and prep for the next time I see my students and today I get to work on my next “little” entrepreneurial adventure. (Little my BUTT! Lol)

Yes, today I get to do so much. I get to live the dream I longed for, in the form of this life I have created, while working to build the next chapter on the next level. So today, I will also take time to give thanks because this woman is forever grateful for all I get to do.

And you my friend, what do you get to do today? Who do you get to assist or advise? Who do you get to spend time with? Who do you get to laugh with?

My guess – you are as blessed as me and just like me, you are wise enough to realize.


I love you!

***This is an excerpt from Sandi’s most recent book, “I am Awake …”. available for purchase on her website or on Amazon.ca.***